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How to Organize a Sports Event

Published: 09/10/2018  -  By Jason Palmer
Organize a Sports Event

A sports event is a special time to get together with sports fans and enjoy fun-filled activities that are lined up for visitors. However, it takes a lot of planning to make it happen. Read on to learn some tips on how to organize a sports event.

Assemble a committee of volunteers

Find passionate people that will help you with a lot of the tasks that are needed for the sports event. They have to be like-minded, energetic team players that will ensure that the event will be smooth sailing.

Locate a sponsor that will help with the costs

Aside from your trusted committee, it is also helpful to partner with a business sponsor. They will help with the costs associated with the event, including prizes and giveaways. In turn, you will help them promote their business further.

Decide on the sports event tournament type

Determine if the sports event will be an individual tournament or a multiple sports tournament. Make sure to decide how many teams will be needed.

Choose the date

Meet up with your tournament committee and select the date of the sports event.

Select the venue

Find a venue that will be suitable for your sports event requirement. It would be advisable to get one that also offers other services, such as catering.

Gather supplies

List down and gather all the supplies needed for the sports event including the awards, medals, certificates, prizes, souvenirs, posters, scorecards, and timers or clocks. Customized hoodies are also a good idea to use during this time as a souvenir or a tool for promotion. It can include a particular team’s name, colors, and logo. Or, it can simply have the name of the sports event as well as the venue and date.

Contact the participants, referees and sports officials

Make sure to reserve the sports officials a month or two before the sports event to give them enough time to send ample referees. Of course, it’s also important to finalize the details with the participants of the event, including the rules and regulations, date, time, venue, and nearby accommodations.

Get insurance

Make sure to get insurance that covers liability as well as prize giveaways and contests.

Promote the sports event

Advertise your tournament through the internet. It would be great to set up a website for the sports event. Aside from the website, make sure to use several social media sites to promote the event, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus, distribute several flyers of the event and put up posters of it as well. Also, make sure to email sports fans, managers, coaches, and communities that will be interested in attending the tournament. If there is a bit more budget, you can also use short and simple radio and TV ads to reach more audiences.

These are some effective tips on organizing a sports event. Whether the event is an individual sport or multi-sports tournament, as long as you stay focused, patient, and dedicated with the tasks on hand, it will guarantee an event that will be memorable and fun.

BIG3 Allows Players to Use CBD: A Breakthrough in Major Leagues

Published: 28/09/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

Many athletes have rejoiced after Basketball's BIG3 has become the first professional sports league that allows players to use CBD and CBD oil as part of the athlete's regimen and recovery kit.

The news was announced in June of this year. Many athletes in both professional and collegiate organizations are slowly accepting the idea of using cannabis because of their healing properties. In addition, some organizations are now studying how CBD oil can help their athletes.

Unlike other major leagues, like the National Football League and the National Basketball Association, we often hear that NHL is more lenient with the use of CBD products which include CBD oil. NHL is said to have more progressive marijuana policies in the sports world.

NHL was never that strict with cannabis use among members until NHLP executive director, Don Fehr discussed that they might come up with an informal rule about cannabis usage in the league in the future.

Seasoned NHL players in the past like Riley Cote mentioned that many of the pro hockey players use CBD not just for recreation but also for medical purposes. He believes that CBD is better when it comes to addressing chronic pains due to the rigorous activities in hockey.  CBD and CBD oil has better and longer lasting effects in reducing pain and swelling.

Hockey is said to be one of the most strenuous physical sports that requires players to be in their best physical conditions. Major leagues have their own rules in terms of cannabis used and when it should be considered a violation.

Recently, these rules have been slowly loosened due to the medical relief that is brought on by the use of CBD and CBD oil. Many are hoping that with the new discovery of the medical benefits of cannabis, future regulations will be defined and be supportive of CBD use.

Collegiate leagues like NCAA are now slowly becoming more understanding of cannabis use among players. Four years ago, NCAA had implemented a severe punishment for players who were caught using marijuana. However, in late 2017, Rutgers reduced penalties for athletes who were positive for marijuana but continues to put more weight on performance-enhancing drugs as well as harder drugs like cocaine.

Years ago, many players in both collegiate and professional leagues relied on anti-inflammatory medicines and opioids to help ease swelling and chronic pains. Former NFL player Calvin Johnson once said that trainers and team doctors used to give these oral medications as if they were candy. Constant intake of these medicines, however, can cause internal bleeding or, worse, heart attacks.

Former professional and collegiate athletes are in full support of the use of CBD in major and collegiate leagues. They believe that CBD is healthier compared to pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications that they used to take in the past.

Opinion-wise, CBD and CBD oil can be a perfect addition to the players' regimen and recovery kit. However, not everyone is open to the idea of CBD in major and collegiate leagues. But with the announcement of BIG3, maybe people would become more open to the health benefits that can be derived from CBD and CBD oil.

Designing a Ticketing Website

Published: 26/09/2018  -  By Jason Palmer
Ticketing Website

Technology has remarkably improved our way of living. People use to send telegrams which would take days or even weeks before the recipient can receive the message. Today we send messages and receive them in an instant. Our ticketing system also changed significantly. People used to queue at cinemas, airlines, hotels, and bus stations.  This eventually evolved with people calling the merchant directly for ticket reservations. Now, we are booking tickets on the website. Companies must be able to keep up with these changes in order to meet customer needs and for them to survive the industry. Having an online ticketing website is a way to keep up with today's fast-paced way of living. You may hire a web design team in your locality to do this for you. You can search on the web for the one nearest you, for example, you can search for "web design Malaysia" to find one that you may be able to work with. 

However, it is still important for you to know the basics so you can better communicate to your team your ideas and concept for your website. Here are some tips to consider in designing a ticketing website.


Your website's color theme is the first thing that will be noticed by your customer. Carefully decide on how many colors to use, two to three colors are advisable. The color of your website will help attract your customers. Examples are:

  • Black - often used in websites for advertising expensive products,
  • Pink - often used in websites that cater to women,
  • Green - this color helps in reducing stress,
  • Red- is the color often representing clearance sales.


Choosing a font is as important as choosing the website's color. Do not use overwhelming large fonts or unreadable fonts. Use fonts that are easy to read and understand. In designing a web ticketing website you do not need a fancy font; fancy fonts can cause ticketing errors that may even cause loss of income.


Plan your layout strategically. Do not put important information in places the customer would not notice. Create an organized layout so that customers will not have a hard time looking for the information they need.


If you plan to include images on your website, use appropriate images. Make sure that images on your website are not subject to copyright. Resize images accordingly. In resizing images always drag and drop on the lower right-hand side of the image, this action ensures that all sides are adjusted evenly.

Graphic images may also be included, but make sure that the animation is not too fast or not too slow especially if it contains promotional ads.


Always remember that your website is used by all age groups. Keep the following tips in mind in making a user-friendly ticketing website:

  • Numbers and words are easy to read.
  • Buttons should be easily located, especially the previous and next buttons.
  • Avoid misleading information that can cause irate customers.
  • Use simple words. Do not use jargon or words that the customers may not understand.
  • Be straightforward.

Designing and implementing your ticketing website can have a lot of advantages. When you have an online web ticketing it means you are always open for business and that customers can make a reservation anytime. Design your website according to the demands of your customers but do not forget to design it according to your needs as a business too. The ticketing website should help you increase sales and markets your products.

Things To Do When Queueing For A Concert

Published: 12/09/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

You have got the tickets to the show in which your all-time favorite artist will be performing. You know it will be rocking. You already have everything you need ready but you are still not convinced if you are fully prepared for the event.  Do not worry. Here are the things you can do to prepare for that concert, especially the long queue that goes with it, to make it an event to remember throughout your entire life.

Dress to Impress

Concerts are rare yet radical nights out with your friends. Choose your outfit wisely. You must dress to impress but comfortably. Do not forget to get the perfect pair of shoes and a jacket. They should fit you properly and snuggly.

Confirm Concert Start Time

You do not want to be late. Inquire about the exact time when the event will start. If you cannot make it to the venue on the same day, it is best that you drive a day earlier. It is better to get to the venue a day earlier than to arrive hours late. If you decide to go a day ahead, do not forget to bring the best kerosene heater with you. You will need it to stay warm in case you decide to tailgate all night before the concert starts, so bringing a kerosene heater is a practical move on your part.

Get Your Phone Ready

Clear up your phone's memory. Make sure there is enough memory space to accommodate several videos and pictures of those social media-worthy moments you would not want to miss. Also, bring a power bank with you. You do not want your phone to run out of juice when you are in the middle of capturing a hot photo or video of your friend singing or the artist performing.

Get Some Friends to Accompany You

You obviously would not want to feel bored for a single minute while the concert is in progress. So, it is best to bring a few of your friends with you. Friends will not only give you the companionship you need but also help you to gracefully shoot those memorable concert moments.

Stay Safe

Most issues with hearing loss and tinnitus are linked to listening to extremely loud music. The music in most concert is extremely loud and chances are if you do not protect your ears, they may end up getting damaged in the process. Get the right piece of earplugs. If you think that earplugs will affect the clarity and quality of the music, it is best you buy high fidelity earplugs which include volume dial down and up features.

Stay Fit

Queueing for concerts require you to sit or stand for long hours. You already know the effects of sitting and standing for long hours and you obviously would not want to hinder your enjoyment of the concert. To stay fit and safe, make sure you drink enough water and eat enough food before you start queueing at the gates. This way, your body will be strong enough to withstand the extreme sitting or standing before and during the concert.

Get Enough Money Ready

Properly prepare yourself financially. You should be able to meet your need for drinks and snacks before, during, and after the performance. The prices of these items are usually a bit higher during live performances. So, you must prepare yourself financially to be able to cater for all the costs. Do not forget to bring extra money, too. In this way, you can buy drinks for your friends if the need arises.

So now you are ready for that long queue. Just relax, have a chat with the people in the queue with you, get to know them. And soon, together you will be dancing and singing along to your artist's songs. It is not time for you to have fun.

Ticket Prices for McGregor Fight Out of Control

Published: 20/08/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

For those of us who would love to see the upcoming McGregor fight in Vegas, you better go and buy some lottery tickets, because the match night ticket prices have skyrocketed.

In case some of our readership slipped and fell into a cave, there is a huge comeback fight coming up against the Russian powerhouse Khabib Nurmagomedov. This will be happening in Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena. Prices for tickets start at a tick over $200 and then then skyrocket up to nearly $3000. All depending on where you sit of course, but if you want some of that delicious McGregor sweat all over your new Gucci jacket, then you'll be paying the price.

Tickets will hit the market in the next few days and punters are digesting the new ticket price information very harshly. Twitter is ablaze with outrage and disappointment, which mind you, is not unusual for a place such as Twitter.

Despite the outrage, the tickets will most likely be sold out very quickly at these astonishingly high prices. Many will travel from both Ireland and Russia for the big fight, meaning the total cost of attending the evening events will mean a second mortgage for many.

What Makes this Fight So Special?

SmartMMA did a stellar job in giving MMA fans an insight into why this upcoming fight is one for the ages. As their 'Learn How To Box' article points out, a fight will reach another level when the participants are correctly matched and have atheletic abilities place them at the top of their game.

Furthermore, and not surpisingly, the level of talk between the two camps has reached peak levels. Online, there has been exchanges that have the fans biting at the lip to see these two go head to head. Then the icing on the cake is the extrordinary level of marketing the UFC as well as the athletes themselves have pumped into promoting the fight.

How does it Rank in History?

Many online outlets are quick to compare this fight to some of Muhammad Ali's famous fights, including that of the 1971 fight against Joe Frazier. That fight was dubbed at 'The Fight of the Century' as both boxers have zero loses to their names. Frazier was next in line to the throne while Ali had been out of boxing for nearly three years after refusing military draft.

Aftermarket Tickets

Like usual, Ticket Retriever will have your back when it comes to picking up tickets to the big bout. We will hunt down the cheapest and most reliable tickets online for the October 6th UFC 229 match up. Whether you like to sit in the nosebleed section or right up the front next to Jay-Z, then call on us for that extra special help.

McGregor is undefeated after recent wins over Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo. However, he lost the lightweight belt after taking some time out of the ring. Nurmagomedov now holds that belt and is not in any mood to be handing it over lightly. If you haven't already, jump online today and find the best ticket deals at Ticket Retriever.

Ticket Retriever Reveals Secret Tactics

Published: 09/08/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

That's right, you read it correctly, we are coming clean and giving you the story behind our successful online growth. Over the past two years Ticket Retriever has seen some great online growth in users and visitors to the website. Luckily for us this was the plan from the start and involved a number of strategic decisions to achieve the result. Digital marketing is a tricky business and can be overwhelming for many people. That's why today we can step through some of our secrets to success that maybe you can implement onto your business.

Social Media

backlink packages

Ticket Retriever has always had a good social media presence but until two years ago we were only using our social media presence as a way to maintain contact with the existing customers. One thing you need to realise is that social media is an excellent method for acquiring potential new customers if they're approached at the correct time. Timing is important because not all social media users are in a buying state of mind. Often just on social media for a mental break from life, users don't want to know about the latest ticket offers. Therefore, we timed our efforts to coincide with events of their interest that would potential tickle their interest in our product.


The ever important search engine rankings are an intimidating prospect for those unfamiliar with the ins and outs of search engine optimization, or SEO for short. This field is full of wizards and gurus who claim to know what the all powerful (Google) do in order to formulate their rankings. Most of it is as good as the information from Hogwarts. So let's now cut it down to basics. There are a few key factors that help your site rank. Firstly, content is king.  The big G loves to see feature rich and informative content, huh, just like this… strange. This means that content you place on your site needs to be well research and informative to the visitors reading.

Next, it's important to optimise this content as well as other factors on the page to ensure that it meets good web standards. This means that users on both their laptops as well as computers can easily read and digest the website. Mobile is particularly the focus of the future with Google.

Once everything on the website is looking good, it's time to venture out and into the wildness. Here we're particularly looking for others who are active and willing to link to our website. An excellent starting point is links packages that are available all over the web. A simply Google search for links packages and some like these here will come up. Links serve to tell search engines that your website is in fact relevant to the niche in which it's located. Diversifying these links will give you bonus points to show that a range of different people believe that your website is very good.

We hoped this guide of our secret tactics helped you today and lead to further steps for making your marketing footprint. Please don't hesitate to reach out to use with further questions or help.

Ticket Retriever Starting a Fantasy Competition

Published: 04/02/2017  -  By Jason Palmer
backlink packages

You guessed it folks, we are finally starting up our very own fantasy football league and we want you to join.

For many years now, our members and customers have been demanding we start one and we have been listening to you. We just haven't had the time between selling tickets to really get a decent competition up and running. Well, things have changed, we have hired new staff and we can re-invest that time back into our community.

With the help of the fantasy football commissioner we have set up multiple leagues for different types of players. We hope to cover you all, from the beginner right through the live and die stats pro. It will be run over the main season as well as into the finals. There will also be prizes up for grabs on a weekly and season long basis.

As we all know there has been a huge growth in daily fantasy football, and we want to cater for this too. So we have set up leagues for the daily games that will be just as fast paced as the ones found on the big boy sites like Fan Duel and Draft Kings.

These daily fantasy competitions along with the weekly and seasonal will allow you to input money into a combined prize pool with the winners taking it all. Don't stress however, we have organised some great runner up prizes too.

Those of us who are a little more statistical when it comes to their fantasy football preperation, don't fret, as we will provide you with weekly updates on player picks and drops, who to look out for and who isn't cutting it like they should. We want to open this up to you, the customers, in that we want you to be able to contribute your insights to our weekly updates. If you feel your tips are better than the rest and feel you have what is takes to lead the way, then we want to hear from you.

So, to conclude, we are super excited about this competition and hope this meets your high expectations for us. Please keep your ideas and feedback coming as we love to hear from you.

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