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Background Checking A Concert Ticket Seller

Published: 29/01/2019  -  By Jason Palmer

It’s happening: your favorite band just tweeted their concert schedule for the months ahead, and you happen to be near the concert location! After realizing this, you go check for the full list tickets. It’s online, most likely, so the world wide web is where you head to. Fingers typing fast, the search results show a number of concert ticket sellers.

Hold your horses, though. You may be willing to fork over the bucks for a concert happening months away, but you want to be careful, too. The reports of fans being scammed out of a concert are one too many. If you happen to be getting your tickets last-minute, your chances of getting scammed just quadrupled. Your concert experience should be a memory of excitement and not of frustration over fraud. Doing background checks on a concert ticket seller is one way to avoid the burn and hassle of fake purchases.

Take these tips to heart so that you can fully enjoy your event, from the exhilaration of scoring tickets right up to the concert itself.

Buy From Reputable Concert Ticket Sellers.

You will definitely find information about your artist’s or band’s upcoming concert on their official website and on their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others. Along with the schedule and ticket prices, their organizer’s official ticket partners will be listed there as well. Avoid fake tickets by only buying from official sales outlets.

Blur The Barcode!

You’re excited, of course, you are. Your coveted ticket is in your hands and you can’t help but do a shoutout on social media. If you must, you should cover your ticket’s barcode. Many fans have fallen victim to invalidated tickets because their barcode was copied and stolen by enterprising online scalpers.

Scout Fan Forums And Other Web Sources.

It’s possible that you’re not able to get from the official sources because their tickets have been sold out or you just weren’t able to buy one at the time. Chances are that you’re buying close to the concert date, and your only hope is to get tickets from unofficial sites. You can check forums and ticket-reselling websites for this. There are people with tickets who, for some reason, can’t go. If you happen to make a deal with one, you need to make sure that your scalper is legit. Background checking a concert ticket seller should be the first step in your protocol if you decide to take on this risk.

Proceed With Caution.

You should be aware that your chances of getting scammed are higher. Check the reputation of ticket-reselling sites on the Better Business Bureau. For individuals selling their tickets, set a schedule to meet at a public space so that you can check the tickets personally beforehand. It’s harder to verify the reputation of individual sellers, though.

Pay Attention To Feedback, Stars, Reviews, And Tenure.

Legitimate resellers on ticket sites are usually verified members with good ratings and reviews. Take the time to read the customer service feedback their past clients have given.

Find Out Who Owns Or Guarantees Ticket Reselling Sites.

If you are wary about such websites, one good inclusion in your background checks should be to find out who owns them. Parent companies are usually owned or backed by established popular brands.

Check The Frequency Of Returns For Money Back.

If your ticket has proven to be a fake one, verify if the ticket seller can return your money. You can find out about the ticket seller’s integrity through forum discussions and internet searches as well. Being able to honor its commitment to customers is one of the guarantees of customer service.

And when you’re finally joyfully shrieking at the concert on the event day, you’ll be glad you took the time to do background checks for your coveted ticket.

Promoting Phone-Free Concerts With Phone Cases

Published: 14/01/2019  -  By Jason Palmer

The rise of technology was the death of real music experiences at concerts. Beyond the glare of stage lights, what musicians see are blinks and flashes from phones rather than their fans. What concertgoers see apart from their favorite artist on the stage is the sea of phones in front and above them. For many at the back, phones and their covers are probably the only things they see. This has led to rise of many startups and Blackbora.com is one of the best providing phone covers.


Mobile phones may have helped preserve concert moments with photos and videos, but somehow, they have diminished the overall concert experience, too. In this gadget-crazy world, one tech visionary company is changing the way concerts are experienced. No phones – that sounds like music to an artist’s ears! This change has been made possible with the help of nifty and innovative mobile phone covers that musicians have come to love.

Yondr, a company founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley, created a great innovation that has become essential at concerts and similar crowd-filled events. Both a product and a service, the introduction of Yondr has generated waves of praise not only from artists but also from schools, libraries, courts and other events where phone distraction is unwanted and social engagement is encouraged. Without mobile phones to lock eyes with, the biggest takeaway at concerts and other events is the real experience.

Simplicity In Design And Function

What Yondr has done for the music industry is a game changer, which is why A-list performers are quickly catching on to the idea of an easier way to implement a phone-free zone. In the past, announcements would be made at venues regarding the banning of phone recordings at live events to the extent of security personnel frisking phones away from offenders. This often causes ill feelings towards policies and builds a bad reputation in the long run.

With Yondr, phone ban is less stressful on the part of event organizers. Yondr has set the bar for the new level of mobile phone covers wherein a simple pouch locks up a mobile phone at events. Phone owners are assured because they get to keep their gadgets even if they are unable to use them. Unlocking docks at designated areas give them further assurance that they can access their precious phones when they leave the premises.

Three steps are all it takes – pouch, lock, unlock – and Yondr has nailed it.

Why It’s Such A Big Deal

It is a given that musicians like free concerts as they keep away distractions. There is more to that, though. Going phone-free with Yondr helps artists contain their music and limits opportunities for infringement of artistic rights. When fan-initiated recordings at live events are posted, an artist’s label loses out on properly distributing the copy extensively. Also, event organizers acknowledge that people pay top bucks to attend an event, so unassuming fans who post snippets of the concert live give non-concertgoers the unfair advantage of watching for free, even if these are just selected moments of the event. Most of all, Yondr mobile phone cases are letting audiences focus on their favorite artist and their hit songs. Yondr has helped put the experience back at concerts – the way they are supposed to be.

Hosting and Building Your Own Event Site for Selling Tickets

Published: 09/01/2019  -  By Jason Palmer

Are you one of the many who would want to be the best entrepreneurs? If so, then check my blog to know that you are not wasting your time. Taking time to surf the web about hosting and building your own event site for selling tickets is one of the important 'first steps' that you must do. Apparently, nobody has ever gone to the pedestal automatically. Everybody go there with perseverance. You are on the right track.

When you hear the word web hosting, you must be thinking about business and the profit that you can get out of it. You might also have the impression that it is complicated. But, it’s not. Just follow these important tips to a successful business venture!

Catch your fish

When your business venture is into web hosting for selling tickets, then it is a given that you already have your very own website. Well, it is important to note that your audience may have the difficulty of locating your site. Remember, you are not alone in this venture. You are joined by many, known as your competitors. So, you must make sure that you catch your fish. Meaning, attract your target audience to your website.

How can you do this? You just need to know where to find them. Technology has been so advanced these days, it is most likely for you to find your target audience on social networking sites. Of course, your audience needs to socialize as well and that is the very place that they would go.

Once you find your audience, lure them into your site. This way, you can increase your website traffic. And, for them to participate in the events on your website, it is recommended that you create a welcoming theme and a really nice offer for them.

Loud and clear

As you may have noticed, people nowadays are really in a hurry. So, you need to avoid dilly-dallying. Once you already have your audience on your website, then it is time for you to show off. Don’t waste any more of their precious minute. Your event should have been announced in a loud, clear, and convincing manner. Once you successfully achieve this, then you got your audience hanging for your next stint.

Let them buy

In reality, not every first-time visitor would get attracted to your offers – no matter how elegant it may be. Of course, they may need some time to think. This is the very reason why you should send some follow-up emails.

Putting yourself in the shoes of your customer, you may feel really privileged to receive a personalized follow-up email. This is especially so when the content of the email specifically tells you that there is a discount. Or, it may also be that the content is a reminder or a warning of the deadline for the sale of the tickets at low prices. The sense of urgency can help you when it comes to ticket purchasing among your audience.

Breakfast Meals Athletes Should Eat At Fast Food Restaurants

Published: 08/01/2019  -  By Jason Palmer

Being an athlete requires not just being prepared for your game. It also means being careful and selective with the food you eat. It is always necessary for athletes to watch out for what they eat, may it be before or after a match or a practice session in the early morning.

For athletes who have no time to prepare food during those early morning practice sessions, one of their options is to have a quick meal in fast food restaurants. It does not mean that it is Fast Food breakfast times but need to be careful about that.

Who says athletes can’t have a decent healthy meal at fast food restaurants? You cannot if you don’t know how to choose the right decent food. Healthy eating for athletes only needs awareness with every bit of the ingredients of the meal that will be served. The ideal meals for athletes are those that are not fried. Choose meals that have the most carbs with a little bit of protein and fat. Here is a list of healthy breakfast meals that athletes can eat at different fast food restaurants.


At McDonald’s, your healthiest breakfast options would be Egg McMuffin, Fruit and Maple Oatmeal, and Hotcakes. For the Egg McMuffin, the best option would be to go for just bread and egg. You can get protein and fat from the egg while the muffin will give you the carbs that you need for energy. The Fruit and Maple Oatmeal and Hotcakes have low fat and high carbs which makes them great breakfast options for athletes.


Artisan Egg Sandwich and Steel Cut Oatmeal are the healthiest breakfast meals you can have at Wendy’s. For your Artisan Egg Sandwich, just order it without the cheese and bacon to keep it low in fat. Another decent breakfast option is the Steel Cut Oatmeal, but don’t go for the apple-caramel version which has too much sugar.

Dunkin Donuts

If you’re in Dunkin Donuts to grab your breakfast, the healthiest breakfast options would be their Original Oatmeal with Dried Fruit and their Eggs and an English Muffin. If you decided to go for their Original Oatmeal with Dried Fruit, order the plain variety and not the brown-sugar oatmeal flavor. The dried fruit toppings are enough to provide the sugar that you’ll need. If you’re not up for eating oatmeal, you can also order a plain egg sandwich instead and pair it with an English muffin to provide you with enough amount of carbs.


In Starbucks, your most decent options would be their Spinach, Feta, and Cage-Free Egg White Wrap as well as their Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal. The wrap can supply you with lots of protein and carbs yet it only has 10 grams of fat. The Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal has fruit, nut, and seed medley toppings that give a low amount of fat but a little more sugar for more energy.

Now that you know your healthy breakfast meal options, you should also consider the breakfast prices of fast food restaurants. Having your breakfast at fast food restaurants may get costly. If you don’t want to end up running out of budget, just watch out for the prices of the meals you’re going to order.

Easy Ways to Score a Concert Ticket Online

Published: 27/12/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

Are you excited for the upcoming concert of your favorite band? Watching a concert with your friends will surely be exciting and memorable for you and your buddies. To make this happen, the first thing to do is to secure is your tickets right away. Tickets can get sold out sooner than you think especially if your favorite band has a lot of raging fans in your area. Don’t waste your time on the day of concert and order food online through https://myfoodsubscriptions.com/food-delivery-service/sun-basket-review-promo/, it will save you lots of time for the day. If you still have no clue about how you can score a concert ticket, you can try to do it online. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can easily score concert tickets on the internet.

Make Sure You’re Present in the Concert Date

Before anything else, check whether you’re going to be available during the concert. Get to know where and when the concert will be held. You may find about this information by checking it on the artist’s or band’s official site, box office platforms, or ticket distributors.

Once you know the schedule, look it into your planner and see if you have other scheduled plans. You also have to notify your friends about the date and ask them if they will be available. If you and your friends have no other plans on the concert date, then it’s time to find out how you can buy concert tickets for the whole gang.

Follow Band Web Pages

If you’re a die-hard fan of your favorite fan or artist, you’ll surely want to reserve or buy tickets right away the moment it’s ready for selling.

To do this, make sure to check whether your favorite artist has their own website. If they have an electronic mailing list, you should sign up. Aside from their website. Also, check out different social media platforms if they have fan pages. These are a great way to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings about them.

Present Yourself as a Volunteer

As the concert date gets nearer, always check out the artist’s site. Most events will need volunteers for the show who also get free tickets or access to the event.

Try to apply as a volunteer especially if you have significant experience with lighting, musical equipment, or sound. Even if you don’t have these skills, you may still have the chance to help set up or clean up after the concert.

This will surely be a good experience especially because you’ll have the chance to meet your favorite band up close after the show.

Buying Tickets

There can be many ways to buy tickets. You can score tickets from fan clubs or try joining in radio station contests. Tickets can also be available in venues or theatres. It can also be available from various online distributors.

If you’re planning to buy from these online distributors, make sure to check about their reputation. You may check the seller’s reputation through the Better Business Bureau’s website.

Once you have tickets, what you’ll only need is to wait for the concert date. Most concerts will be scheduled at night time.

Once the concert is over, it would be fun to spend the night at one of your friend’s house or maybe hang out in your favorite place. Reminisce about each other’s favorite tracks during the concert. To make the most of the memorable day, have a home meal delivery from your favorite restaurant to match.

Unique Event Bag Giveaway Ideas

Published: 17/12/2018  -  By Jason Palmer
Unique Event Bag Giveaway Ideas

While considering your event giveaways, it is advisable to put as much thought as you do when coming up with a marketing strategy. Keep in mind that the freebies you are considering are a way of not only appreciating your audience but also connecting with them and creating a long-lasting relationship that promotes your brand. Custom tote bags like available on https://thatshirt.com/custom/tote-bags are among the top unique ideas that will help you with your campaign. Below is a look at six unique event bag giveaway ideas.

Stylish Clothing

One of the easiest ways to impress your audience is by including custom yet fashionable clothing in your custom tote bag giveaways. Custom t-shirts, for instance, get worn not only during the event but also while undertaking other activities like heading to the market. Such display works as a walking billboard for your brand while providing value to your audience, consequently creating brand awareness.

As you customize your freebie, however, do not overdo it. So much customization may be a turn-off.

Electronic Accessories

You can never go wrong with electronics such as mobile chargers, headphones, and screen magnifiers. Portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are popularly used. Including a helpful accessory for your audience to ease their use is a profitable giveaway as they will use it and take them home. The last thing you want for your giveaways is to end in the trash bin.

Inventive Snacks

There is nothing as refreshing as taking a creative yet healthy snack after a long and tiring day. However, given that snacks are used by almost every other brand, being inventive is of paramount importance. Do not just pick a snack; invest in a healthy one that will create curiosity, prompting the audience to try it out.

Anything For The Children

For those with children, the first thing after the welcome home is “what did you bring me?” Here, you get to be the hero by creatively packaging your custom tote bags with children stuff that both parents and children will like. Such gifts are definitely making it home, and the parent as your target audience will not forget your brand that easily.

Giveaways That Match The Event

It would be an epic fail if you brought giveaways that are contrary to the event. Therefore, understanding the function and the kind of audience you are likely to meet is crucial. For instance, if the event will be graced by pet owners, think of pets and use a giveaway that will appeal to them and their owners such as customized collar or leash for dog lovers.

Knowing your audience will help you bring personalized giveaways, creating better and long-lasting relationships.

Quality Giveaways

Your audience would rather get two high-quality items in your custom tote bag giveaways than a bunch of low-quality stuff. The low-quality giveaways will definitely be tossed away since they are of little to no use while adding up to their luggage.

Unique event bag giveaway ideas are a brilliant yet tasking marketing strategy. As you consider what to include in your custom tote bags, ask yourself how valuable the gift is and remember to consider ease of carrying it home. After all, it is all about value and convenience.

Athletes and Legal Cases: How Do They Work?

Published: 11/12/2018  -  By Jason Palmer
Athletes and Legal Cases

The world of sports has grown vastly since the first modern Olympics which was founded in Athens, Greece in 1896. Since 1503 years ago, during the first stage of the ancient games that took place in Olympia, Greece from 776 BC to 393 AD, sports have become a part of people’s everyday lives.

And just like any other part of the world, bullying in the world of sports has also been going on for who knows how long. This bullying leads to arguments which may possibly lead to different types of legal cases that athletes are caught up in.

Athletes struggle behind their fame to attempt to stay under the spotlight, especially when it comes to elite sports. In this struggle to let their fame stay afloat, sometimes, athletes’ bad decisions get in the way.

Lucky for these kinds of athletes, they can use the power of a bail bondsman to save them from their cases. Below, let’s see how bail bonds work.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

For the most part, bail bonds work quite easily. When a person is arrested for committing a crime or breaking the law, he or she will be sent to jail. During this time, the person will be made aware of the crime that he or she has made and the bail bond fees connected to it. This person can then choose to either pay the full amount or hire a bail bonds agent to pay for most of the charges, leaving him or her with the 10% payable. The person also has the option to wait in jail until a judge can come and hear his or her case.

Getting in trouble with the law isn’t cheap, that’s why people often hire a bail bonds agent from a local company to bail them out of prison. When they go through a professional bail bondsman though, they only pay a percentage of the total amount.

Celebrities and athletes generally have the money needed to pay the full amount of the bail, so most of them often choose this option when dealing with legal cases. However, some also opt for the choice of getting a bail bond written on behalf of them. With the numerous number of companies throughout every major metropolitan area in the US, finding the right company is never an issue for athletes.

The downside of celebrities and athletes getting in trouble with the law, however, is that it gives the reporters a buzz to share to the media. This, in turn, can affect their career. Although they can get out of prison after several days or weeks, their career could be on the rocks as they go out, and it may take long before they can go back on track. And depending on the severity of the issue, it may not even be sure if they still have a career and a livelihood to go back to.

Fortunately, bail bonds can make an athlete’s case much lighter. Although it can’t make the issue go away, it can, at least, lighten the burden of the case.

Why You Should Attend a Cooking Class

Published: 22/11/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

Healthy home cooking begins with knowing how to cook, choosing the right ingredients, and perhaps knowing some preservation techniques in case you want to store leftovers. With the ever-evolving nature of the world, every aspect changes and cooking is not an exception. With that said, you may have considered joining a cooking class with 50% Sun Basket Promo Code & Exclusive Review. If you’re still in doubt, this article will help you know why you should attend a cooking class.

Know Your Way Around the Kitchen

For the kitchen-savvy individuals, this may seem ridiculous. However, what you may not know is that there is a new thing in the market every other time. That oven you’re using may be outdated, and going to a cooking class might help you get better performing appliances.

For those who only visit the kitchen while warming a meal or simply taking a glass of water, this is your chance to know how appliances work and how best to utilize them. Making a meal starts with knowing what process and kitchen appliance to use.

Upgrade Your Cooking Skills

Attending a cooking class will give you an edge as you upgrade your current skills with modern and diverse techniques. As the food market keeps growing, new and healthy ingredients continue to flow. Attending a cooking class will expose you to such elements. Know how to incorporate the ingredients into your current recipe and enjoy healthy home cooking.

Try New Cuisines

Who knows how good you are at making sushi if you have not tried it? Attending a cooking class gives an opportunity to try new cuisines. Learn how to make that dish you usually order at your favorite joint. Practice and make it at home. You might be amazed by how delicious it turns out. It may even be better than what you get from the joint.

Get Personal and Professional Growth

If you are in the food industry, continuous growth is inevitable. You may find yourself in the corner of regrets where nobody wants what you are offering as it is outdated if you do not change with time.

By attending a cooking class, you not only learn new things but also explore new opportunities out there. As you interact with your fellow learners and teachers, you may pick up an exciting opportunity that could change your professional status and open your career in the food industry.

Know Useful Kitchen Tips

Now that you are well aware of how to cook great meals, it is time to learn the mechanics around the kitchen. Learn how to pick ingredients, preserve food, and come up with a favorable budget. With such knowledge, you can get the ingredients at a reasonable price, use them effectively, and get the most out of your efforts.

Attending a cooking class is not only for those without cooking skills. Cooking classes are also for those who eagerly want to learn new kitchen skills and explore fresh cuisines from the different parts of the world.

Why You Need to Add a Backyard Court at Home

Published: 05/11/2018  -  By Jason Palmer
Backyard Court at Home

Adding a backyard court at home is a great way to give space for your friends’ and family’s entertainment. Aside from this, there are a lot more reasons why it’s a good idea to add a court at the backyard. The court can be used not only for sports but also for other activities like yoga exercises and physical games. Below, let’s further discuss why you need to add a backyard court at home.

Just make sure to do all the necessary planning before you start the construction of your backyard court at home. Like estimating the cost per square foot, selecting the design or you can hire someone for that. SuperStructures are structural engineering experts and can do that for you.

Backyard Court Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle for the Family

In a generation where kids and teens are always into their mobile gadgets, making sure that they engage in a physical activity regularly should be a priority.
With an easily accessible backyard court at home, you, your family and even your friends can do physical activities together. You can make use of your backyard court so that you and your kids can play outdoor sports like basketball, badminton, or volleyball. This promotes an active and healthy lifestyle for your family as you regularly engage in physical activities together to stay fit and healthy. Aside from health benefits, you, your spouse and your kids can benefit as a whole family as you spend more time together.

Backyard Court Provides a Safe Environment

When you have your own backyard court, you can get rid of the need of your kids to go out and play sports with their friends somewhere. This, in turn, eliminates your worries about the whereabouts of your kids every time they want to play with their friends. They don’t have to go anywhere far, and this gives you the assurance that your kids are always safe. You can even see and monitor whom your kids are playing and hanging out with. This also gives you the chance to get to know your kids’ friends since they hang out at your backyard.

Backyard Court Provides a Place Where Your Kids Can Develop Their Strengths

Whether your kids are playing sports for fun or for glory, having your own backyard court will be valuable for them. They can practice right at the perimeters of your home and they won’t have to go far to practice.

Letting your children play their preferred sport with their friends will also teach them personal and social skills that will also impact the way they face life. They will eventually learn the value of teamwork, fair play, and commitment.

Also, with a backyard court, you can see how your children improve on their chosen sport. When you see them having a hard time, you can cheer them up by bringing them food after their game or spending time and hanging out with them in the court.

Having a backyard court makes a great addition to your home. It does not only serve to improve the aesthetic appeal to your home, but it can also really serve many purposes for your family.

Having a backyard court can promote a healthy lifestyle for your kids when they play their sports. It can also create a bonding time for the whole family. 

Why We Should Take Children to Concerts

Published: 04/11/2018  -  By Jason Palmer
Take Children to Concerts

Before, community events were an avenue for all generations to meet and mingle. Be it children, youth, adults, or elders, everyone had a place to celebrate as one. However, these days, the generational separation has been very prevalent. That is why parents bringing kids to concerts can be a great idea. Let them engage in performance tours by Peak Performance and only with the people within their age bracket, it’s also nice to let them experience inter-generational exchange. Somehow restoring all-ages events could most likely benefit the society in a holistic sense.

Where Generations Meet

As mentioned, kids nowadays usually have a lot of opportunities to spend time with their age group but have very limited chances to experience age integration. Likewise, people in the workplace just get to spend time with people within their age bracket; parents mainly spend time with other parents; elders get in touch with the elders; and so on. Nowadays, age segregation is the drift. Although it is normal because that is how things usually are, you can make your kids experience something more exciting and meaningful by letting them explore the world of other generations. This is one of the good reasons why taking children to social events like concerts can help. It’s a great opportunity to let generations meet and make the society more bonded as well.

Keeping Things in Check

Letting children or teens attend concerts with you and engage with adults and elders help you keep certain kinds of behaviors in check. You can then see how they behave in such avenues and how they respect the elders. This is also your chance to model the behavior you want your child to pick up. Perhaps you are having less and less opportunities to observe how your child behaves. You apparently can’t stalk them at school, so the best way to see how well they’re growing up is to bring to social events and check how they go.

Kids Getting Connected

Bringing kids to concerts helps them get connected and learn how to adapt to various people and environment setups. Bringing them to social spaces gives them the chance to get a glimpse of the adult world and somehow prepares them ahead of time.

Keeping the Bond

Also, in this digital age, most kids and even parents seek leisure online. Instead of the internet helping the world get connected, ironically a sense of disconnection is happening because of abusing technology in a way. We tend to dwell on digital means too much that we have somehow forgotten to bond with the people who matter in a more personal and connected level. Enjoying concerts with your kids is one way to bring back the bond and the fun of reality away from mobile screens and the internet.

You may book a concert ticket of your favorite music icon or that of your kid’s. Either way, it’s surely a healthy way to take a break, enjoy, and bond all the way.

Sports Films That Will Make You Want to Buy Tickets ASAP

Published: 02/11/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

A typical sports movie tells the story of an underrated team or sportsman that finds ingenious ways of overcoming the numerous setbacks that are encountered on the path to glory. Since these are tales of ordinary people triumphing over hardship, they mirror the struggle of many ordinary citizens as they try to defeat corporate titans and aristocrats in a system that is designed to favor those with rich connections. Moreover, putlocker reveled that these movies endorse the virtues of teamwork and self-confidence. The following are the most inspiring sports films.

Rocky (1976)

This Oscar award-winning motion picture tells the story of a young boxer, portrayed by the charming Carl Weathers, who overcomes a myriad of obstacles before facing the heavyweight champion. This film contradicted the norm by giving the nemesis humane qualities. Moreover, the unique characteristics of Stallone including his slurred speech, shrinking manner, sensuous mouth and sleepy eyes endeared him to the audience, thus propelling him to win an Oscar award.

Hoop Dreams (1994)

A fixation with inner-city basketball initially inspired a filmmaker team consisting of Fredrick Marx, Peter Gilbert and Steve James to start this project. However, the project turned into a three-hour documentary about three high school youths who are determined to qualify for the NBA. This film has earned praises because it has a lot of on-court drama and suspense. Moreover, it sheds light on the inner-city conditions adolescent basketballers have to endure, including racial inequality and poverty.

Raging Bull (1980)

Directed by Martin Scorsese, this movie gives the viewer an insight into the brutal and unromantic aspects of the boxing profession. The real-life escapades of Jake LaMotta provide a basis for the movie with the fictional version of the boxer being portrayed by Robert De Niro. Furthermore, the film was shot in a black-and-white format, and it contains creative fight scenes that emphasize brute force. This film promotes the idea that masculinity can destabilize interpersonal relationships as evidenced by the way Jake loses most of his friends.

The Bad News Bears (1976)

In this movie, Walter Matthau portrays a lonely self-indulgent little league trainer who is obsessed with the sport. Directed by Michael Richie, the movie illustrates how overbearing adults put unnecessary pressure on children to excel in sports they are not passionate about. Moreover, it conveys how lasting friendship develop among pre-teens who work together to succeed in the sport.

Caddyshack (1980)

Since its release in 1980, Caddyshack has inspired a cult-like devotion among a multitude of fans. It is a comedy movie about an impoverished golf caddy who resorts to desperate acts to raise money for his college education. The film also contains numerous subplots such that of an assistant greenkeeper who is infatuated with an attractive golfer.

To sum it up, sports movies not only entertain but also inspire us to confront the obstacles in our lives. Moreover, some movies such as raging bull and hoop dreams show the dark side of the sport and how the aggression sportsmen develop can render them odious to loved ones.

How Artist Can Profit More with Blockchain

Published: 01/11/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

Whether we’re talking about art, cinema, theater, music, and publishing companies or groups, there’s always one thing going on between these artists and those who are feeding off of their skills and talents. In reality, there’s always a partnership between artists, middlemen, producers, marketers, and the like. In the end, it’s always the artist who gets the last credit despite being the creator.

Because of this harsh reality, many of these artists opt to launch their own businesses alone. Luckily, they now have the technology to do businesses independently. One of the most effective ways to promote, store, and most especially, secure valuable data is by using blockchain technology. We’re not only referring to money alone, but we’re also speaking of private properties, deeds, titles, art, music, and even scientific discoveries. With blockchain, moving, storing, and keeping private information is surely stored without anomalies.

Just like in Cryptocurrency Signals, everything is done in a transparent and objective manner. If you observe crypto sites like Bitmex Trading, you can safely say that their systems are not easily manipulated. This is the power of using blockchain technology. You’re assured that you can keep all of the important data you have without worrying about toxic people in the industry backstabbing or using you.

Although not all people in the industry would try to steal from you, using blockchain technology is definitely a safer move. With this, you’re confident that none of your works are disrespected and disturbed without your permission.

If you’re an artist who’s interested in incorporating blockchain into your world, here are some great artist-friendly features that you can use when you start:

Value Templates

This is a sure way of helping artists practice their rights as owners and entrepreneurs of their own works. Here, an artist can make deals and act an equal partner in any business idea he makes.

Funding Mechanisms

If you’re an independent artist, using blockchain-based crowdsourcing platforms can help you fund your projects and at the same time meet new people who are truly interested and are passionate about your trade.

Transparent Ledgers

You can also add ledgers that allow viewers to see the revenue of a film or a play. If you want to practice transparency, this will work out well for you.

Direct Monetization

To help artists earn money, it’s important that people directly watch their works from credible sources. With blockchain technology, you can do just that. Here, you will be able to direct your viewers on legitimate sites and sources so that you can earn by means of bitcoin trading.

Data Analytics

Of course, you will also need to have your own secretary to keep track of everything. With blockchain, you will have your own digital partner who will assess any gathered data, plan promotions and crowdfunding activities, and connect with distributors and manufacturers in the future.

Digital Rights Management

As an artist, you really want to protect your rights, especially when you’re new. Thus, with DRM, you’ll be able to practice your rights digitally.

There are so many blockchain features that artists can surely benefit from. If you’d love to integrate this into your passion someday, you can start with the list above. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll definitely see more growth in what you’re doing.

Advertise Your Event the Social Media Way

Published: 17/10/2018  -  By Jason Palmer
Advertise Your Event

Event planning requires much from the organizer. From strategizing to contacting and facilitating, it needs a systematic process of making the event happen. With the various tasks and preparations involved in event organizing, the last thing to think about is how to promote it.  

To reach your target people, here are ways on how to advertise your event through the use of the ever-versatile platform, social media. Read on!

Promote the event on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts

The more sharing you do in different social media platforms, the more people will see your event promotion. Make use of the free feature of the platforms like a call-to-action key. Then, make sure to provide a link of your official event website to let the people learn more about the event.

Create hashtag

Hashtags can definitely develop social buzz, boost participation, and increase attendance. Utilize brief, relevant, and unique hashtags with a kick!

Make an infographic of your event

When summarizing facts into a simple and comprehensible piece of creation, an infographic would be perfect! With a combination of relevant images and brief, digestible information, an infographic catches the attention of the people and reels them in attending your event to learn more. Though infographics are a little complicated to create, there are easy to tweak templates available in the internet. You might need the services of graphic design firms in Singapore, like Secret Hideout, who are specialists to make this happen. Visit their company's website to find out more.

Share significant quotes from your event’s guest speakers

Netizens love sharing things online especially quotes. Pin attractive pictures on Pinterest together with a relevant line from the guest speakers. This strategy will provide a preview of what your audience can learn from your event by featuring some lines of the speakers.

Provide a more personal feature of your speakers

Your audience may not know your invited speakers, so they need a sneek-peak of who they are and what their achievements and expertise are. Present key information of your invited speakers with their image.

Present testimonials from the previous and similar events

Never forget your last event. This can be of great help to promote your new one. Present a relevant testimony from a reliable audience. Let him or her narrate her experience and share his or her learning.

Attract early birds with discounted registration

Rewards through discounts can be enticing if your event involves registration. You can also provide promo codes and digital vouchers for sharing the discount announcement. Remember to limit the offer in a specific date to encourage people to register as soon as possible.

Showcase behind-the-scenes short clips and images about the preparation of the event

People get excited by the small details, clips, and pictures from an event preparation. Once they see how the organizers ready the said event, they feel like being part of the preparation. This technique is being used by some companies since it appeals to the audience’s snoopy side.

These easy to do tips will definitely help you in your event promotion. Start getting busy with your social media masterpieces today!

How to Organize a Sports Event

Published: 09/10/2018  -  By Jason Palmer
Organize a Sports Event

A sports event is a special time to get together with sports fans and enjoy fun-filled activities that are lined up for visitors. However, it takes a lot of planning to make it happen. Read on to learn some tips on how to organize a sports event.

Assemble a committee of volunteers

Find passionate people that will help you with a lot of the tasks that are needed for the sports event. They have to be like-minded, energetic team players that will ensure that the event will be smooth sailing.

Locate a sponsor that will help with the costs

Aside from your trusted committee, it is also helpful to partner with a business sponsor. They will help with the costs associated with the event, including prizes and giveaways. In turn, you will help them promote their business further.

Decide on the sports event tournament type

Determine if the sports event will be an individual tournament or a multiple sports tournament. Make sure to decide how many teams will be needed.

Choose the date

Meet up with your tournament committee and select the date of the sports event.

Select the venue

Find a venue that will be suitable for your sports event requirement. It would be advisable to get one that also offers other services, such as catering.

Gather supplies

List down and gather all the supplies needed for the sports event including the awards, medals, certificates, prizes, souvenirs, posters, scorecards, and timers or clocks. Customized hoodies are also a good idea to use during this time as a souvenir or a tool for promotion. It can include a particular team’s name, colors, and logo. Or, it can simply have the name of the sports event as well as the venue and date.

Contact the participants, referees and sports officials

Make sure to reserve the sports officials a month or two before the sports event to give them enough time to send ample referees. Of course, it’s also important to finalize the details with the participants of the event, including the rules and regulations, date, time, venue, and nearby accommodations.

Get insurance

Make sure to get insurance that covers liability as well as prize giveaways and contests.

Promote the sports event

Advertise your tournament through the internet. It would be great to set up a website for the sports event. Aside from the website, make sure to use several social media sites to promote the event, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus, distribute several flyers of the event and put up posters of it as well. Also, make sure to email sports fans, managers, coaches, and communities that will be interested in attending the tournament. If there is a bit more budget, you can also use short and simple radio and TV ads to reach more audiences.

These are some effective tips on organizing a sports event. Whether the event is an individual sport or multi-sports tournament, as long as you stay focused, patient, and dedicated with the tasks on hand, it will guarantee an event that will be memorable and fun.

BIG3 Allows Players to Use CBD: A Breakthrough in Major Leagues

Published: 28/09/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

Many athletes have rejoiced after Basketball's BIG3 has become the first professional sports league that allows players to use CBD and CBD oil as part of the athlete's regimen and recovery kit.

The news was announced in June of this year. Many athletes in both professional and collegiate organizations are slowly accepting the idea of using cannabis because of their healing properties. In addition, some organizations are now studying how CBD oil can help their athletes.

Unlike other major leagues, like the National Football League and the National Basketball Association, we often hear that NHL is more lenient with the use of CBD products which include CBD oil. NHL is said to have more progressive marijuana policies in the sports world.

NHL was never that strict with cannabis use among members until NHLP executive director, Don Fehr discussed that they might come up with an informal rule about cannabis usage in the league in the future.

Seasoned NHL players in the past like Riley Cote mentioned that many of the pro hockey players use CBD not just for recreation but also for medical purposes. He believes that CBD is better when it comes to addressing chronic pains due to the rigorous activities in hockey.  CBD and CBD oil has better and longer lasting effects in reducing pain and swelling.

Hockey is said to be one of the most strenuous physical sports that requires players to be in their best physical conditions. Major leagues have their own rules in terms of cannabis used and when it should be considered a violation.

Recently, these rules have been slowly loosened due to the medical relief that is brought on by the use of CBD and CBD oil. Many are hoping that with the new discovery of the medical benefits of cannabis, future regulations will be defined and be supportive of CBD use.

Collegiate leagues like NCAA are now slowly becoming more understanding of cannabis use among players. Four years ago, NCAA had implemented a severe punishment for players who were caught using marijuana. However, in late 2017, Rutgers reduced penalties for athletes who were positive for marijuana but continues to put more weight on performance-enhancing drugs as well as harder drugs like cocaine.

Years ago, many players in both collegiate and professional leagues relied on anti-inflammatory medicines and opioids to help ease swelling and chronic pains. Former NFL player Calvin Johnson once said that trainers and team doctors used to give these oral medications as if they were candy. Constant intake of these medicines, however, can cause internal bleeding or, worse, heart attacks.

Former professional and collegiate athletes are in full support of the use of CBD in major and collegiate leagues. They believe that CBD is healthier compared to pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications that they used to take in the past.

Opinion-wise, CBD and CBD oil can be a perfect addition to the players' regimen and recovery kit. However, not everyone is open to the idea of CBD in major and collegiate leagues. But with the announcement of BIG3, maybe people would become more open to the health benefits that can be derived from CBD and CBD oil.

Designing a Ticketing Website

Published: 26/09/2018  -  By Jason Palmer
Ticketing Website

Technology has remarkably improved our way of living. People use to send telegrams which would take days or even weeks before the recipient can receive the message. Today we send messages and receive them in an instant. Our ticketing system also changed significantly. People used to queue at cinemas, airlines, hotels, and bus stations.  This eventually evolved with people calling the merchant directly for ticket reservations. Now, we are booking tickets on the website. Companies must be able to keep up with these changes in order to meet customer needs and for them to survive the industry. Having an online ticketing website is a way to keep up with today's fast-paced way of living. You may hire a web design team in your locality to do this for you. You can search on the web for the one nearest you, for example, you can search for "web design Malaysia" to find one that you may be able to work with. 

However, it is still important for you to know the basics so you can better communicate to your team your ideas and concept for your website. Here are some tips to consider in designing a ticketing website.


Your website's color theme is the first thing that will be noticed by your customer. Carefully decide on how many colors to use, two to three colors are advisable. The color of your website will help attract your customers. Examples are:

  • Black - often used in websites for advertising expensive products,
  • Pink - often used in websites that cater to women,
  • Green - this color helps in reducing stress,
  • Red- is the color often representing clearance sales.


Choosing a font is as important as choosing the website's color. Do not use overwhelming large fonts or unreadable fonts. Use fonts that are easy to read and understand. In designing a web ticketing website you do not need a fancy font; fancy fonts can cause ticketing errors that may even cause loss of income.


Plan your layout strategically. Do not put important information in places the customer would not notice. Create an organized layout so that customers will not have a hard time looking for the information they need.


If you plan to include images on your website, use appropriate images. Make sure that images on your website are not subject to copyright. Resize images accordingly. In resizing images always drag and drop on the lower right-hand side of the image, this action ensures that all sides are adjusted evenly.

Graphic images may also be included, but make sure that the animation is not too fast or not too slow especially if it contains promotional ads.


Always remember that your website is used by all age groups. Keep the following tips in mind in making a user-friendly ticketing website:

  • Numbers and words are easy to read.
  • Buttons should be easily located, especially the previous and next buttons.
  • Avoid misleading information that can cause irate customers.
  • Use simple words. Do not use jargon or words that the customers may not understand.
  • Be straightforward.

Designing and implementing your ticketing website can have a lot of advantages. When you have an online web ticketing it means you are always open for business and that customers can make a reservation anytime. Design your website according to the demands of your customers but do not forget to design it according to your needs as a business too. The ticketing website should help you increase sales and markets your products.

Things To Do When Queueing For A Concert

Published: 12/09/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

You have got the tickets to the show in which your all-time favorite artist will be performing. You know it will be rocking. You already have everything you need ready but you are still not convinced if you are fully prepared for the event.  Do not worry. Here are the things you can do to prepare for that concert, especially the long queue that goes with it, to make it an event to remember throughout your entire life.

Dress to Impress

Concerts are rare yet radical nights out with your friends. Choose your outfit wisely. You must dress to impress but comfortably. Do not forget to get the perfect pair of shoes and a jacket. They should fit you properly and snuggly.

Confirm Concert Start Time

You do not want to be late. Inquire about the exact time when the event will start. If you cannot make it to the venue on the same day, it is best that you drive a day earlier. It is better to get to the venue a day earlier than to arrive hours late. If you decide to go a day ahead, do not forget to bring the best kerosene heater with you. You will need it to stay warm in case you decide to tailgate all night before the concert starts, so bringing a kerosene heater is a practical move on your part.

Get Your Phone Ready

Clear up your phone's memory. Make sure there is enough memory space to accommodate several videos and pictures of those social media-worthy moments you would not want to miss. Also, bring a power bank with you. You do not want your phone to run out of juice when you are in the middle of capturing a hot photo or video of your friend singing or the artist performing.

Get Some Friends to Accompany You

You obviously would not want to feel bored for a single minute while the concert is in progress. So, it is best to bring a few of your friends with you. Friends will not only give you the companionship you need but also help you to gracefully shoot those memorable concert moments.

Stay Safe

Most issues with hearing loss and tinnitus are linked to listening to extremely loud music. The music in most concert is extremely loud and chances are if you do not protect your ears, they may end up getting damaged in the process. Get the right piece of earplugs. If you think that earplugs will affect the clarity and quality of the music, it is best you buy high fidelity earplugs which include volume dial down and up features.

Stay Fit

Queueing for concerts require you to sit or stand for long hours. You already know the effects of sitting and standing for long hours and you obviously would not want to hinder your enjoyment of the concert. To stay fit and safe, make sure you drink enough water and eat enough food before you start queueing at the gates. This way, your body will be strong enough to withstand the extreme sitting or standing before and during the concert.

Get Enough Money Ready

Properly prepare yourself financially. You should be able to meet your need for drinks and snacks before, during, and after the performance. The prices of these items are usually a bit higher during live performances. So, you must prepare yourself financially to be able to cater for all the costs. Do not forget to bring extra money, too. In this way, you can buy drinks for your friends if the need arises.

So now you are ready for that long queue. Just relax, have a chat with the people in the queue with you, get to know them. And soon, together you will be dancing and singing along to your artist's songs. It is not time for you to have fun.

Ticket Prices for McGregor Fight Out of Control

Published: 20/08/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

For those of us who would love to see the upcoming McGregor fight in Vegas, you better go and buy some lottery tickets, because the match night ticket prices have skyrocketed.

In case some of our readership slipped and fell into a cave, there is a huge comeback fight coming up against the Russian powerhouse Khabib Nurmagomedov. This will be happening in Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena. Prices for tickets start at a tick over $200 and then then skyrocket up to nearly $3000. All depending on where you sit of course, but if you want some of that delicious McGregor sweat all over your new Gucci jacket, then you'll be paying the price.

Tickets will hit the market in the next few days and punters are digesting the new ticket price information very harshly. Twitter is ablaze with outrage and disappointment, which mind you, is not unusual for a place such as Twitter.

Despite the outrage, the tickets will most likely be sold out very quickly at these astonishingly high prices. Many will travel from both Ireland and Russia for the big fight, meaning the total cost of attending the evening events will mean a second mortgage for many.

What Makes this Fight So Special?

SmartMMA did a stellar job in giving MMA fans an insight into why this upcoming fight is one for the ages. As their 'Learn How To Box' article points out, a fight will reach another level when the participants are correctly matched and have atheletic abilities place them at the top of their game.

Furthermore, and not surpisingly, the level of talk between the two camps has reached peak levels. Online, there has been exchanges that have the fans biting at the lip to see these two go head to head. Then the icing on the cake is the extrordinary level of marketing the UFC as well as the athletes themselves have pumped into promoting the fight.

How does it Rank in History?

Many online outlets are quick to compare this fight to some of Muhammad Ali's famous fights, including that of the 1971 fight against Joe Frazier. That fight was dubbed at 'The Fight of the Century' as both boxers have zero loses to their names. Frazier was next in line to the throne while Ali had been out of boxing for nearly three years after refusing military draft.

Aftermarket Tickets

Like usual, Ticket Retriever will have your back when it comes to picking up tickets to the big bout. We will hunt down the cheapest and most reliable tickets online for the October 6th UFC 229 match up. Whether you like to sit in the nosebleed section or right up the front next to Jay-Z, then call on us for that extra special help.

McGregor is undefeated after recent wins over Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo. However, he lost the lightweight belt after taking some time out of the ring. Nurmagomedov now holds that belt and is not in any mood to be handing it over lightly. If you haven't already, jump online today and find the best ticket deals at Ticket Retriever.

Ticket Retriever Starting a Fantasy Competition

Published: 04/02/2017  -  By Jason Palmer
backlink packages

You guessed it folks, we are finally starting up our very own fantasy football league and we want you to join.

For many years now, our members and customers have been demanding we start one and we have been listening to you. We just haven't had the time between selling tickets to really get a decent competition up and running. Well, things have changed, we have hired new staff and we can re-invest that time back into our community.

With the help of the fantasy football commissioner we have set up multiple leagues for different types of players. We hope to cover you all, from the beginner right through the live and die stats pro. It will be run over the main season as well as into the finals. There will also be prizes up for grabs on a weekly and season long basis.

As we all know there has been a huge growth in daily fantasy football, and we want to cater for this too. So we have set up leagues for the daily games that will be just as fast paced as the ones found on the big boy sites like Fan Duel and Draft Kings.

These daily fantasy competitions along with the weekly and seasonal will allow you to input money into a combined prize pool with the winners taking it all. Don't stress however, we have organised some great runner up prizes too.

Those of us who are a little more statistical when it comes to their fantasy football preperation, don't fret, as we will provide you with weekly updates on player picks and drops, who to look out for and who isn't cutting it like they should. We want to open this up to you, the customers, in that we want you to be able to contribute your insights to our weekly updates. If you feel your tips are better than the rest and feel you have what is takes to lead the way, then we want to hear from you.

So, to conclude, we are super excited about this competition and hope this meets your high expectations for us. Please keep your ideas and feedback coming as we love to hear from you.

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