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Promoting Phone-Free Concerts With Phone Cases

Published: 14/01/2019  -  By Jason Palmer

The rise of technology was the death of real music experiences at concerts. Beyond the glare of stage lights, what musicians see are blinks and flashes from phones rather than their fans. What concertgoers see apart from their favorite artist on the stage is the sea of phones in front and above them. For many at the back, phones and their covers are probably the only things they see. This has led to rise of many startups and Blackbora.com is one of the best providing phone covers.


Mobile phones may have helped preserve concert moments with photos and videos, but somehow, they have diminished the overall concert experience, too. In this gadget-crazy world, one tech visionary company is changing the way concerts are experienced. No phones – that sounds like music to an artist’s ears! This change has been made possible with the help of nifty and innovative mobile phone covers that musicians have come to love.

Yondr, a company founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley, created a great innovation that has become essential at concerts and similar crowd-filled events. Both a product and a service, the introduction of Yondr has generated waves of praise not only from artists but also from schools, libraries, courts and other events where phone distraction is unwanted and social engagement is encouraged. Without mobile phones to lock eyes with, the biggest takeaway at concerts and other events is the real experience.

Simplicity In Design And Function

What Yondr has done for the music industry is a game changer, which is why A-list performers are quickly catching on to the idea of an easier way to implement a phone-free zone. In the past, announcements would be made at venues regarding the banning of phone recordings at live events to the extent of security personnel frisking phones away from offenders. This often causes ill feelings towards policies and builds a bad reputation in the long run.

With Yondr, phone ban is less stressful on the part of event organizers. Yondr has set the bar for the new level of mobile phone covers wherein a simple pouch locks up a mobile phone at events. Phone owners are assured because they get to keep their gadgets even if they are unable to use them. Unlocking docks at designated areas give them further assurance that they can access their precious phones when they leave the premises.

Three steps are all it takes – pouch, lock, unlock – and Yondr has nailed it.

Why It’s Such A Big Deal

It is a given that musicians like free concerts as they keep away distractions. There is more to that, though. Going phone-free with Yondr helps artists contain their music and limits opportunities for infringement of artistic rights. When fan-initiated recordings at live events are posted, an artist’s label loses out on properly distributing the copy extensively. Also, event organizers acknowledge that people pay top bucks to attend an event, so unassuming fans who post snippets of the concert live give non-concertgoers the unfair advantage of watching for free, even if these are just selected moments of the event. Most of all, Yondr mobile phone cases are letting audiences focus on their favorite artist and their hit songs. Yondr has helped put the experience back at concerts – the way they are supposed to be.

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