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Sports Films That Will Make You Want to Buy Tickets ASAP

Published: 02/11/2018  -  By Jason Palmer

A typical sports movie tells the story of an underrated team or sportsman that finds ingenious ways of overcoming the numerous setbacks that are encountered on the path to glory. Since these are tales of ordinary people triumphing over hardship, they mirror the struggle of many ordinary citizens as they try to defeat corporate titans and aristocrats in a system that is designed to favor those with rich connections. Moreover, putlocker reveled that these movies endorse the virtues of teamwork and self-confidence. The following are the most inspiring sports films.

Rocky (1976)

This Oscar award-winning motion picture tells the story of a young boxer, portrayed by the charming Carl Weathers, who overcomes a myriad of obstacles before facing the heavyweight champion. This film contradicted the norm by giving the nemesis humane qualities. Moreover, the unique characteristics of Stallone including his slurred speech, shrinking manner, sensuous mouth and sleepy eyes endeared him to the audience, thus propelling him to win an Oscar award.

Hoop Dreams (1994)

A fixation with inner-city basketball initially inspired a filmmaker team consisting of Fredrick Marx, Peter Gilbert and Steve James to start this project. However, the project turned into a three-hour documentary about three high school youths who are determined to qualify for the NBA. This film has earned praises because it has a lot of on-court drama and suspense. Moreover, it sheds light on the inner-city conditions adolescent basketballers have to endure, including racial inequality and poverty.

Raging Bull (1980)

Directed by Martin Scorsese, this movie gives the viewer an insight into the brutal and unromantic aspects of the boxing profession. The real-life escapades of Jake LaMotta provide a basis for the movie with the fictional version of the boxer being portrayed by Robert De Niro. Furthermore, the film was shot in a black-and-white format, and it contains creative fight scenes that emphasize brute force. This film promotes the idea that masculinity can destabilize interpersonal relationships as evidenced by the way Jake loses most of his friends.

The Bad News Bears (1976)

In this movie, Walter Matthau portrays a lonely self-indulgent little league trainer who is obsessed with the sport. Directed by Michael Richie, the movie illustrates how overbearing adults put unnecessary pressure on children to excel in sports they are not passionate about. Moreover, it conveys how lasting friendship develop among pre-teens who work together to succeed in the sport.

Caddyshack (1980)

Since its release in 1980, Caddyshack has inspired a cult-like devotion among a multitude of fans. It is a comedy movie about an impoverished golf caddy who resorts to desperate acts to raise money for his college education. The film also contains numerous subplots such that of an assistant greenkeeper who is infatuated with an attractive golfer.

To sum it up, sports movies not only entertain but also inspire us to confront the obstacles in our lives. Moreover, some movies such as raging bull and hoop dreams show the dark side of the sport and how the aggression sportsmen develop can render them odious to loved ones.

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